Zebu Live is Carbon Neutral & Saving the Rainforest!

Zebu Live is Carbon Neutral & Saving the Rainforest!

We are so excited to share the news that Zebu Live, London’s annual showcase of the Web3 revolution, is now officially carbon-neutral! We partnered up with decentralised cloud computing network Cudos and carbon management provider Blue Marble to offset any emissions from our live crypto conference (which took place in September 2022).

The two-day event welcomed 1,500 guests to the Kensington Centre, where we showcased more than 75 of the industry’s brightest speakers, including Dragon & Thirdweb Co-Founder Stephen Bartlett, and Aave CEO Stani Kulechov. 

How did we achieve carbon neutrality?

Post-event, we partnered with Blue Marble and Cudos to achieve carbon neutrality. We want to extend a massive thanks to both companies for making this a reality, they were brilliant to work with, thorough in their professionalism, and progressive in their methods. They embody the values we wish to promote. 

Blue Marble performs an intensive process to analyse, certify, and offset the event through a high-quality Voluntary Carbon Credits scheme that retires carbon emissions on behalf of clients. The project Zebu Live is supporting in conjunction with Blue Marble is called ‘Pacajai’ and concerns preservation & regeneration in the Amazon region of Brazil. Not only will this project help tackle the threat of deforestation (illegal logging and land conversion for agriculture), but it will also empower local communities and protect threatened wildlife with education and infrastructure. 

We are thrilled to have achieved carbon neutrality with their help and are proud to be supporting such a worthwhile project in the Amazon as a result. We are looking forward to continuing our commitment to sustainability and to making Zebu Live a carbon-neutral event for years to come. 

Quotes from the top!

Ashton Barger, Head of Events at Zebu Live: “We went through a lengthy process to certify all aspects of Zebu Live that was carbon intensive - from the food that we served to the energy that the venues used all the way to the travel that the team conducted to sell Zebu Live. Last week, we Blue Marble helped us to officially offset our almost exact amount of Carbon footprint through a project that is helping the Amazon to reforest.”

David Pugh-Jones, CMO of Cudos: “We’re immensely proud of Zebu Live’s carbon-neutral certification as it proves that it is eminently possible to run a leading industry event in a sustainable way. As we venture forth into a world of limitless possibility powered by Web3 and the Metaverse, it's vitally important that we do so in a way that isn’t detrimental to our environment. As the first company in the sustainable crypto-mining arena to commit to carbon neutrality, we ensure our blockchain ecosystem is constantly working with our carbon emission partners to achieve net zero. This announcement today cements our ethos and officially aligns with the Zebu Live event mantra, marking a key milestone in our partnership.”

Henry Waite, Founder of Blue Marble: “Blue Marble was delighted to work with the Zebu Live project team. The event was forward thinking in many ways and becoming carbon neutral was yet another demonstration of that leadership.”

This three-way partnership between Zebu Live, Cudos, and Blue Marble will encourage further sustainable development in the UK events industry and the emerging Web3 events space. We’re proud to be leading the way!

What’s next for Zebu Live: The Pulse of London’s Web3 Revolution

Zebu Live 2023 (October 4th and 5th) will not only be carbon neutral, but it will be bigger, bolder, more unconventional, and more interesting than our previous events. Keep an eye out on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest updates! Our ZL23 press release is coming soon too. WAGMI!

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